Bam PCP Air Rifles

Bam PCP Air Rifles for Sale

Bam PCP Air Rifles are solid pieces of air rifle engineering. They provide an air rifle shooter with all the power they would require as well as possessing a level of accuracy on par with more expensive brands.  At RooGuns we take pride in air rifles whose performance exceeds its price tag, and our range of Bam PCP Rifles do just that.


Bam 50/ Bam 51

This Bam PCP Air Rifle is the ultimate compliment of high power and accuracy versus cost. The Bam 50 and Bam 51  Air Rifles are the perfect rifles for someone looking to enter the PCP air rifle sport. This Bam model is available in a sturdy sporter stock (B50) or the more elegant thumbhole stock (B51).

Bam 50/ Bam 51 Features

  • single shot pull back bolt action
  • walnut stained hardwood
  • quick full
  • 2 stage fully adjustable trigger

If you want a more details with regards to how this pcp air rifle has been put together take a look at our exploded diagram of them.

For an affordable yet powerful high quality PCP rifle get either the Bam 50 or the Bam 51 PCP air rifle today.


  1. Gary January 9, 2013 8:28 am 

    Hi Ruari

    What will the cost be for an operational BAM 50.
    Accesories included such as pump/ air cylinder, adapters etc. Excluding scope.

    Whats mods would you recommend.


  2. SiteAdmin January 9, 2013 8:49 am 

    pls send me your email details and I’ll contact you :-)

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